Show Review: Man Man @ The Fonda

Man Man’s new album, On Oni Pond, is a triumph.  Fans of their Disney-soundtrack-esque bombast and tongue in cheek lyrics are no doubt be pleased.  Their show this past Sunday at The Fonda attracted an unsurprisingly eclectic crowd of cross dressers, break dancers, and the typical hip and happening denizens of LA.  

Setting the tone for the evening was Xenia Rubinos and her stellar drummer, Marco Bucelli.  With her powerful voice that is truly out of this world, Miss Xenia wowed the crowd with her enigmatic and engaging tunes. Her first song was a greeting, with the opening rephrase of “Hello, hello, hello,” and she moved into evocative story telling with a song about Rosa who lives under a bridge and does magic tricks for money.  With a thrilling blend of cabaret and experimental electro, Rubinos and Bucelli gave a performance that left a lasting impression.

After an intermission of a dude on the saxophone talking about how Breaking Bad sucks on the very night of its finale, a Man of Man Man donned the stage. The other Man was found darting in and out of the audience. Anticipations rose! The payoff, though, was unmatched, when the Man Man band band finally assembled and dove right in with the first two tracks off their new album. The adrenaline-pumping stage presence, weird costumes, and confetti throwing were only brilliant supplements to a vibrant and entertaining performance.

A standout track was “Piranhas Club.”  The beat made the floor of The Fonda feel like an indie urban sock hop.  It’s no doubt the fans were devoted, many were seen singing along with each song word for word, but moreover, Man Man got people to dance. The energy created in the crowd was kinetic and undeniable. Front Man Honus Honus, otherwise known as Ryan Kattner, gave such an adventurous performance that I will no doubt see this band live again.

Stepdad - “My Leather, My Fur, My Nails”

I don’t think there is anything more perfect in this world

Derek Allen - “1979” (Smashing Pumpkins cover)

Chill-wave + tr@p?? = amazing rendition of one of my favorites from the Smashing Pumpkins.

Aside from the sheer aural (hehe) pleasure I get from this cover, the beautiful and enduring relationship I’ve founded with this track, now over two weeks, ago has some greater meaning.  

For one thing, this track knows how to keep a girl interested.  We’ve got a 90’s track that’s reminiscing on the late 70s that is in turn being updated in the second decade of the 2000s which happens to be about the time that junk from the late 70s like polaroid cameras and synthesizers exist in the same space in pop-culture as future beats and…whatever these sprinkler sounding hi-hats are the hallmark of…what is it? hip-hop..I guess.  And all of these feels are being sushi-rolled into a flavorful  audio tour past every favorable experience I’ve had in the last two decades and the ones I imagine I would have had in the 70s.

Now I’ve forgotten the point to my ramblings.  Anyway, all you need to know is that me and this cover are happy together and we’re very open and “forward thinking” when it comes to the terms of our relationship. So don’t be shy, peep a peep  vv 

I’m not weird it’s 5 a.m. Over and out.


KXLD - Marceline’s Song (HereWitU) [Adventure Time]

All that can be found on this talented young artist is a barren SoundCloud account featuring this beautiful fan tribute to a song originally from the Cartoon Network series, ‘Adventure Time’.  I was also able to locate an equally lonely facebook page with 19 “likes”.  

I hit the “like” button because with such chill beats that purport the maturity of a seasoned electronic producer, this kid has got to be going places, or there really is nothing good in this world anymore. 



BESTiE + Tribe of Zebras - Foolish Hearts

(Source: SoundCloud / Tribe Of Zebras, via kitty-en-classe)

Remixing Alex Winston has definitely been a trend in the past year or two, and while I enjoy Winston’s original music to a point of obsession, I have to admit I indulge in the remixes frequently.  RAC remixes always manage to charm me, as well. Here we see a fusion of two of my favorites! I think they used it in a commercial or something but I don’t even care because when I feel your velvet, I can’t help it.


This Santa Cruz dude makes wonderful chill beats that provide an ideal backdrop for studying or chatting with some friends.  What seems to be his entire discography is available for free at a totally bomb site I stumbled upon called Free Music Archive.  That’s right! Free music, no catches.  It’s almost too good to be true. Keep chillin’.


Trust - Sulk (Sir Stephen Hips Remix)

What makes this remix especially pleasing to me is the electro-goth dance party I envision. 

Can we throw this under my favorite new genre invention, “haunted house”?


Handshakes - Villains and Crooks

Track 3 off Handshakes’ latest EP.

Love the track, excited to see what their two other 2011 albums have in store as well as the rest of Villains and Crooks.  


Wildcat! Wildcat! - “Mr. Quiche”

Good Morning, brooding Tumblr nation.  

Here’s a beautiful video from Wildcat! Wildcat! featuring one of our LA pals, Kian.  The guy can throw down some moves as well as some beats.  Peep the video as well as some originals from our very talented friend



Milo Greene - What’s The Matter

What’s the matter?
What’s the matter with you lately?

Oh, your love is never good enough.
Oh, your love is lost on me.

Kartell, “Cost of Love.”  Listening to this while you do laundry makes it fun.

Feelin’ rappy?




what beauty.

meesha x warsan shire 

One of my favorite poets, Warsan Shire, has done a breathtaking collaboration with the Canadian-based artist Meesha.  The narrative melts into the beats and the rhythms like honey into tea on a summer day~ ah, poetry.  Enjoy this track, guys.  It’s bomb.


The original is definitely great, but this remix is pretty refreshing.  Catch Papa with me at the Bootleg on the 21st or The Constellation Room on the 22nd!